Website design services Marbella and the questions you must ask

Website design services Marbella

Website design services Marbella

FML Marketing is a professional website design agency based in Marbella, Costa del Sol. Fully responsive and mobile friendly WordPress websites. SEO-Optimized. Extra in this blog: 11 reasons why your website don’t get any traffic from Google.

We regularly speak with prospects who want to build a new WordPress website or WooCommerce webshop. We have learned to ask a large number of questions in order to collect as much information as possible about the customer and the new website or webshop to be built. The rule is that you can never have too much information beforehand. After all, getting stuck during the development process because the information is not clear is in nobody’s favour.

Few people ask questions

What strikes me is that actually few concrete questions are asked during a first meeting. If you are going to buy a new car, do you also want to know everything about that car and if you are offered a new job, do you continue to ask yourself if this is for you? I am happy when potential customers ask us questions as this indicates that they have thought carefully about what they want to achieve with their new marketing machine.

You and your web design agency

To help you with a conversation with a random web design agency, we have written down a number of questions that you could ask.

1.Experience with SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

If you ask what SEO experience a web designer has, I hope that the answer will be more extensive than: “I know how to get a green ball in Yoast.”

Unfortunately, it turns out in practice that SEO companies promise golden mountains, but that you end up with literally nothing.

Simply ask for results. A good web design agency will measure the positions in Google to show that after going live a redesign or a completely new website there is a measurable difference in the positions in the search engines.

Is it a bad sign if you are told that this is not being done? No. Simple answer. Unless it is sold as if it were to be done. It is only a sign to you that you have to look further for an agency or consultant for search engine optimization

2. What is the experience with plugins?

WordPress uses a theme with various plugins for more functionality. I wrote several times about different plugins and the influence of plugins on the speed of your website.

Do we know a standard plugin as a solution to every problem? No. We also regularly look for a suitable plug-in for a new website. But in the meantime, we have built up a reasonable arsenal of reliable plugins that we can use.

Do you want a multilingual website or webshop? Then it’s really not useful if your web designer does not have any experience with WPML or another plugin that makes multilingualism possible.

Do you want a registration form on your website that links you to your accounting program, your newsletter system and that automatically sends a PDF invoice, including registration confirmation to your customers? Then it is nice if your web designer has experience with this and can advise you on the best solution for your specific issue.

When you go to work with a webshop, I would certainly ask your web designer if he/she has experience with, for example, WP All Import. With this, you can quickly update your shop via an Excel sheet if you have many products. This saves you after the construction of your webshop hours in terms of filling your webshop. And your time is also worth money right?

Is a web designer a bad web designer if he does not know the above plugins or does not know the operation? Not necessarily. If the person in question does not know them, you could easily question the knowledge and experience. But of course, these plugins have good documentation and support since they are paid premium plugins.

 Web design agency Marbella

3. Ask for a Portfolio

Before you approach a company you can of course already view the portfolio and see if this appeals to you. Here, however, you can be mistaken as not everything has to be online. 

From an online portfolio, you can often already pick out the style of a company. Do they mainly make business websites with a business look, focused on conversion? Or do they make beautiful designs where your search starts with the menu that you can not find? Also check here what fits your company.

Of course, it is good to ask for recent projects. There is a big chance that more projects have been completed at every company than there are online in the portfolio.

4. Do you have experience with WooCommerce?

If you do not plan to start a webshop then you may think that you do not need WooCommerce and that a web designer does not have to have any experience with it either. I’m going to nuance this a little bit.

Imagine you give workshops or training courses and have them pay at the moment by means of an invoice sent from your accounting program. It is possible that you do not currently need to adjust this. A missed opportunity if you do not know what the automation options are. It could be of course that you will need this later if your company grows. And then it’s nice if your web designer already has experience with this.

5. What do you do after delivery?

And then the moment: your new WordPress website is ready! Of course I do not want to spoil your party, but actually, it only starts now. From now on you will have to monitor the positions of your website, where are you found, where do visitors turn and what happens in the market of your industry, do you have to grow in this or make adjustments to your website?

So ask yourself what happens when your website is delivered. Who will manage the website, who will make minor adjustments, what if you consider that you want to make an action and need a landing page? A recent example of a customer who had a WordPress website built: the costs of developing a simple landing page came to 1300 euros! Given the website and the requested page, this amount was not really in proportion.

Who will monitor the positions of your website?

A new website is fun, but the intention is of course that you will also be found better. In any case, your positions in the search engines should not deteriorate. Believe me, I regularly get customers who have no idea what their positions are and what their website scores well on. In order to be able to make a good business strategy, this is in my view essential information. If you have no idea of this, make sure that you get this clear first, chances are you will throw money over the bar.

6. Who will do the maintenance of the website?

In addition to the points mentioned in point 6, it is also important that the updates of WordPress, theme and plugins are implemented regularly. Why? With this, you largely ensure that your website remains safe as leaks are plugged into new versions. But plugins or themes can also implement performance improvements that are important for the speed of your website. An important part of your SEO strategy.

Roughly, you have two choices: you are going to take care of maintenance on the website yourself or you completely outsource the maintenance of your website. If you want to outsource it, ask how often updates are implemented. I regularly come across websites that are updated once a month. In our view, this is really too little. Recently, with the introduction of the new AVG, for example, we saw almost daily plugins that were updated to comply with the new legislation.

If you choose to carry out the maintenance yourself, make sure that this is guaranteed within your organization. If you are alone, set a number of fixed moments in your agenda for a year ahead. Or appoint someone within your company who is responsible and plan moments together. This prevents the updates from being forgotten in your organization.

Even if you outsource the maintenance of your website, make sure you have an administrator account of the website. In case of calamities, you can at least log in and change things where necessary. Discuss this in advance so that you will not be surprised afterwards.

About FML Marketing – Website Design Agency Marbella

FML Marketing is a young, digital marketing agency located in Estepona and Marbella on the Costa del Sol. We provide the following services:

  • Website design services Marbella
  • Website rebranding and restyling
  • SEO consultancy
  • SEO SEM Adwords management
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO-optimized content marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Marketing

Visit our online marketing service page to learn more about how we work and the components of our marketing services.

EXTRA – 11 reasons your new website lacks traffic

You recently developed or commissioned a website. You are proud of the result and keep track of your statistics to know how many visits you make daily or weekly. Unfortunately, the result is disappointing and you hoped for hundreds of visitors, but it is only limited to a few per day. Do you recognize this situation and wonder why people do not visit your website? Perhaps one or more of these 11 options are the cause.

A possible cause could be that search engine Google cannot index your website. Check your settings to make sure your site is searchable by search engines.

It starts at the base

Other causes may be that the structure, the basis of your website, is not well structured or information is bad. Check whether your menu (the navigation of your site) is well structured and is tailored to the demand of your target group.

Content as a cause?

In addition to causes in the structure and structure, the problem can also be the content on your website. By regularly publishing relevant and interesting content for your target audience, your website will be included more quickly in Google’s search results. Check what your target audience finds interesting and find out which keywords they use in Google to find a solution to their problem or question.

Do you want to know all 11 possible causes and improve your website? Then scroll down to view the infographic.

Website design services Marbella

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Anna Ch. 11-10-2020

Have been working with Ken and Michelle at FML marketing for the best part of a year now - they're a fantastic team. We've launched two new websites, 3 marketing campaigns across all social media platforms and created endless amount of additional marketing collateral like videos and infographics with their help. The communication has been fantastic, and there's hasn't been a single idea that we haven't been able to successfully implement without their help. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a creative, professional service.

Maurice Elst 23-04-2020

Excellent company providing social media and marketing services. High quality design, reliable team, excellent communiction. Well impressed with our new real estate website and social media channels and campaigns.

Irene Pais 11-04-2020

We are very satisfied with FML Marketing. They created 2 websites for us, help with our SEO and do the marketing for our company. Ken and Michelle always think along with us, give good advice and always respond quickly to our questions.We recommend FML Marketing to everyone. Besides that they are super professional, you can also have a laugh with them.