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keyword research

Where SEO starts 

Good keyword research is extremely important in modern SEO time.

Do you know which keywords your target group is using to find your service? An extensive keyword research tells you which relevant search queries you need to rank for in the search engines. Keywords can vary from a single term to a combination of a number of important words. Through smart integration of the right keywords you can target your  audience at the right time.

A keyword research for your business is the first step of a solid search engine optimization plan.

FML’s SEO keyword research assesses keywords on:

  • Frequency of use: Frequently used words
  • Position within search engines: keywords that score high
  • Conversion perspective: keywords that lead to a lead or sale
  • Click-frequency: keywords that lead to many clicks
  • Competitive position: keywords with less competition
  • Behavioral perspective: keywords that lead to desirable behavior

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