Instagram for Business: Create company profile

Using Instagram for companies has been possible for a while, but because we often get questions about how to do this and what the benefits are, we have made a blog for you about it. My expectation is that they will eventually do the same with personal accounts on Instagram that are used commercially as the personal accounts of Facebook.

These profiles are then converted into a business page by Facebook and usually, you can no longer join them. Therefore, just like me, be proactive and turn your personal Instagram into a business account. A business Instagram account also has the advantage that you get access to statistics and promotions. In this article, I will discuss the creation of a company profile, the statistics on Instagram and the option to promote Instagram messages.

Create a company profile

If you get the message from Instagram to make your business account a business account, you can follow that message. Sometimes you get the message that you are not a page manager, while you are. Then first do the following: First, link your Instagram to your personal Facebook page. Permission is then requested to be able to access the pages and you have to give them. Otherwise, you will not get any further. Then you can link your Instagram to your company page.

Company information on your profile

Then, you are enabled to click on the company profile almost at the bottom of settings. You then indicate with your page which information you want to share, such as your e-mail, telephone number, and address. If you have a store, you obviously want to share the address, but if you have an online business or no office where people can visit you can also keep the address for yourself and click on it. Then you can change or delete it.

Now there is a link next to your profile picture that people can click to email, call or to see your address. This can be very interesting because the step to do business with you via Instagram has become a lot smaller. Followers no longer need to go to your website first and find out everything there. It is now just a push of the button and you are in touch. Ideal!

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Or: Create your Instagram Business account now!

Instagram statistics

First, you had to check your statistics via external sites and grant them all kinds of permissions. Now you can check your statistics on Instagram yourself. If you click on the icon of the statistics in the app you will first get a kind of general page. This indicates how many people have seen your messages that week. Then you see the most popular messages, the time when your followers are online that day.


In the views, you first see the total number of times your messages have been seen. Then you can swipe through and then you also see the number of people you have reached that week, how many people have seen your profile and how often you clicked through to your website.

Popular messages

In the popular messages, you can see which messages have been seen the most in the last 30 days. If you click through it you will get an overview with every number the number of how many times it has been seen.


For followers, the average time for your followers on Instagram is on the day you watch. If you click on more, you will also see how many followers you have and how many new you have received that week.Then you see the gender distribution of your followers. The ages of your followers, where you can also click on the gender for more specific insights, and you see where your followers come from. This may be important, especially for local companies. Because you want followers in your environment. At the bottom of the followers, you can click through to the other days of the week to see at which times your followers are online. This is useful for the best timing when posting messages.

Instagram for Business

Promote messages directly on Instagram

And therefore no longer via Facebook! It is the link with Facebook after a social medium that you can use individually for your online marketing activities and get people quickly on your website or on your phone. Promoting a message on Instagram is similar to promoting a message on Facebook. Would you like to know more about drafting, planning and promoting messages for Instagram? Then we can always help you with a workshop, social media coaching, or social media management.

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