Content marketing trends that will dominate 2018

Content marketing 2018 trends

After reviewing the most important and influential marketing blogs of 2018, we have created this summery with the Content marketing 2018 trends.

Content marketing 2018 trends

Before we go over the content marketing trends 2018, let’s focus on the content marketing trends from last year. Better techniques lead to a big change in the way we create and distribute content, including via paid channels and virtual assistants. In general, mobile and video have really made their presence felt in 2017. This trend will develop further over the upcoming years. One big trend of 2017 is no longer ‘best practice’. Click bait, content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page. My advice is to stay far away from this in 2018.

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Valuable content (in-depth)

Adding more value to content is mentioned as a trend for 2018. In short, the knowledge you have to share with your target group. That is what I do with this blog. Longer texts that go deeper into the subject matter will become increasingly important, and therefore, valuable for your Google ranking

Make content more personal

There is, of course, more than one big trend applicable, but together they do share a common value.  And that is that content increasingly revolves around’ human behavior ‘. This means that online everything becomes more personal and intuitive and will focus even more on the content. Content marketing in 2018 will become more and more person-oriented marketing. Personalization of newsletters, advertising, and video. Addressing the person, marketing on individuals instead of on the target group. 

Video Content: The trend for 2018

The trend in content marketing is combining visual content with bite-sized written content. Why? Because mobile is becoming increasingly important. And for that, it is crucial to be fast, short of dust and to capture everything in one image. There are many free programs to make video content. Besides, Google’s subsidiary YouTube is the second largest search engine, so you also want to be found there. Furthermore, now that the VR glasses are becoming cheaper, I predict an increase in VR content and augmented reality. 

Movies. It does not have to be professional, the keyword is authentic. The target group prefers to watch a short relevant and recognizable video than to read something.

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Voice assistants: It might be early, but keep an eye out!

Responding to new developments is never easy. We repeatedly read about developments such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This requires a drastically different approach for your content marketing, but how exactly is still fairly unclear. Nevertheless, voice is becoming more important, also for your SEO-strategy the upcoming years. 

Thank you for reading our Content marketing 2018 trends blog. If you require more information on valuable content marketing tips and strategies, please contact us now. We are happy to support you with your digital challenges.

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