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We always have a strong focus on Return on Investment (ROI). It is not unusual that a solid PPC campaign quadruples your investment. On average, you can achieve 300%, up to 900% with campaigns on Google Ads. This means that every €100 you invest, will make your company at least €300!

About Google Ads

Before starting any kind of Google Ads campaign, we like to highlight three misconceptions often made.

1. Google Ads is expensive

This is not true. Many start with PPC campaigns and burn big budgets, with very little result. Don’t spend too much in the beginning (more on that in point 3).

2. Google Ads is complicated

This is not true, but the Google Ads platform is becoming increasingly extensive. Keep it simple and make sure to analyze the results. This will lead the way for a successful campaign.

3. Google Ads...a quick win

Unfortunately, no! Creating a good campaign takes time. Be patient and don’t spend to much during the first month.

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