SEO & Google Ads: outsource or do it yourself?

SEO & Google Ads management

Search engine optimization and advertising with Google Ads can give your website traffic a strong boost, provided your campaigns are well set up and you carry out optimizations regularly. This brings us directly to the question of this blog: do you manage the SEO and Google Ads campaigns in-house or is it more sensible to outsource this to a (certified) internet marketing agency? In this blog, we outline the advantages and disadvantages for you!

Benefits of own SEO & Google Ads management

The biggest advantage of managing internet marketing campaigns internally is the fact that you are part of the organization. Besides being familiar with the internal communication and the strategic vision of the company, you also know all products or services and you master the professional language. In addition, there is a higher involvement with the company and you can switch faster when setting up short-term or action-oriented campaigns.  

Disadvantages own SEO & Google Ads management

Well optimized SEO and Google Ads campaigns cost a lot of knowledge and time to set up. In addition, they also need to be continuously monitored and optimized. In many cases, this often comes into play. Even when you employ your own marketing employee, specialist knowledge and time are not always present. The marketing employee often has his or her hands full of all kinds of other marketing activities, not just SEO and Google Ads. This leaves little room for the development of professional knowledge. It is also difficult for one person to specialize in all marketing areas. In addition, the internal management of the online marketing activities also entails costs. Think of salary costs, overhead costs, and training.

Benefits of working with an internet marketing agency

As mentioned before, a good internet marketing campaign requires a lot of time and specialist knowledge. When you outsource SEO and Google Ads, you do not have to spend time on regular optimizations and keeping track of knowledge and developments. A real SEO or Ads specialist can also get more out of your campaigns, resulting in more results. In addition, the costs can also turn out to be advantageous when you call in an internet marketing agency. For example, you save salary costs and you are not connected to a long-term commitment (contract).

* Extra benefits from a Google Partner

A Premier Google Partner is officially recognized by Google and has qualified and certified Ads specialists. The advantage of this is that you are assured of profitable Google Ads campaigns that are constantly assessed on quality and performance. In addition, Premier Google Partners have the advantage that they are the first to be aware of new opportunities offered by Google Ads. They also receive extra guidance in the form of training and direct support. Thanks to this knowledge and experience, the specialists can set up your Ads campaigns more efficiently, resulting in more results with less advertising budget.

Disadvantages of working with an internet marketing agency

A disadvantage of working with an internet marketing agency can be communication. When the agency does not switch quickly or often changes contact, this can result in extra time or miscommunications. An external specialist also needs to deepen your business, branch and professional language. Various tools are available for this, but it does require extra time and effort. In addition, not all internet marketing agencies are equally competent. By choosing a Premier Google Partner you are certain (in the case of Google Ads) that the specialists have the right knowledge and skills!  

Combination of own SEO & Google Ads management and collaboration with an internet marketing agency

It is clear that there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. However, a combination of the two might also work very well for your company. Depending on the resources, you can, for example, hire a junior marketing employee who provides direction and support to the internet marketing agency. In that case, the bureau can draw up a strategy and propose optimizations. Another scenario is that when you are strong in strategy, the internet marketing agency takes care of the day-to-day management. Do not limit yourself when it comes to own SEO and Google Ads management or outsourcing. There is no one-size-fits-all solution!

Curious about the possibilities for outsourcing internet marketing or a collaboration? Together with FML Marketing Marbella, you will always find a suitable solution for your company!

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Anna Ch. 11-10-2020

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Excellent company providing social media and marketing services. High quality design, reliable team, excellent communiction. Well impressed with our new real estate website and social media channels and campaigns.

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