Web design agency Marbella: 4 key website features

 Web design agency Marbella

FML Marketing is a web design agency/website design company near Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain. We share our daily tips free on our blog. In this article, we reveal 4 key website features that your new website must have to make your online business successful. 

Web design agency Marbella – 4 features of a killer website

Not only in the IT-sector, but also for small and medium-sized businesses, a good, optimally functioning website is very important. After all, it is the online business card for the company, and for many potential customers the portal to the use of your product or service. But how should such a website look like and where should it comply? Especially when it is not your core business, building and maintaining a website can be a difficult task.

Web design agency Marbella – 4 important website features

In this blog, we share the 4 most important functions and features of a website for small and medium-sized businesses. 

1. Clarity

Make sure that the website is not too “busy”. When trying to put as much information as possible on one page, things quickly become chaotic. People don’t like that, and this results in a high bounce rate on your new website. Keep it clear: choose a clear, unambiguous layout and show only the necessary information. Less is more we say!

Check out this infographic by Hubspot on how to reduce your websites bounce rate effectively.

2. Usability

A good website is easy to navigate. Make sure that you can easily jump through the different pages. Not too many buttons, not too many pages. Make sure that the visitor knows from the landing page how to get to a specific page. this page could be a service or product, but make sure that the ‘path’ is clear and easy to navigate.


Offer your visitors (and not unimportant: yourself) a secure website. Ensure that entered (personal) details cannot be provided to third parties. This can be achieved quite simply by using an SSL-certified connection. This can be recognized by the letters https and the presence of a padlock in the address bar.

4. Contact

Make sure that the contact with the visitors is made as optimal and easy as possible. Mention e-mail addresses and telephone numbers on a contact page that is easy to find and possibly refer to your own social media channels. This may all sound very logical, but remarkably, many websites lack contact details, or they are extremely difficult to find. You can also make it easy for prospective customers by setting up an online contact form.

Web design agency Marbella

Naturally, a good website contains more important features and plugins. In this post we have shares the 4 basic for example:

FML Marketing specializes in delivering high-quality WordPress Web Design and Brand Identities for companies in Estepona, Marbella and San Pedro de Alcántara on the Costa del Sol. If you have a question about web design, or if you are looking for a new website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact details easily on this page in the header and footer, or simply fill on the contact form below.

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Anna Ch. 11-10-2020

Have been working with Ken and Michelle at FML marketing for the best part of a year now - they're a fantastic team. We've launched two new websites, 3 marketing campaigns across all social media platforms and created endless amount of additional marketing collateral like videos and infographics with their help. The communication has been fantastic, and there's hasn't been a single idea that we haven't been able to successfully implement without their help. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a creative, professional service.

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Excellent company providing social media and marketing services. High quality design, reliable team, excellent communiction. Well impressed with our new real estate website and social media channels and campaigns.

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We are very satisfied with FML Marketing. They created 2 websites for us, help with our SEO and do the marketing for our company. Ken and Michelle always think along with us, give good advice and always respond quickly to our questions.We recommend FML Marketing to everyone. Besides that they are super professional, you can also have a laugh with them.