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Organic SEO project for local Jacob Cohen Store in Marbella & International e-commerce sales.

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Project milestones

  • 94% search visibility on average in 5 countries. (Baseline: 3% 08-2020).
  • 81% of keywords in top 10 (394 keywords in SERP).
  • 60% Increase in online sales in first year.
  • +350% organic traffic in 14 months.

The story behind the success

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This SEO campaign started in August 2020. The client’s desire was:

  • Generate more online traffic
  • Increase online sales

This project is a perfect example of a solid synergy between organic SEO & Google Ads (PPC). We started optimising all meta-data for the website. Next, we created a strong content creation approach with link building. For immediate results, we developed a strong Google Ads-campaigns existing of:

  • Search adverts
  • Display adverts
  • Retargeting adverts

As the data underlines, our approach started to pay-off after approx. 3 months. To accelerate growth in the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and France we professionally translated the website in these languages. This resulted in a dominant position in Europe for all relevant Jacob Cohen-related keywords.

Our company and values

FLM Marketing is an online marketing agency located in Estepona, near Marbella on the Costa del Sol. We help international clients generate online growth. Our services are respected in 6 different countries. We are in business +8 years. Our ever-growing team exists of people from 5 different countries. Our mission is simple and effective:

Help your company achieve its goals online. All day. Every day. 

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