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Companies that are looking for an online marketing agency today have higher demands than simply a standard online marketing campaign. Determining the right keywords is no longer sufficient. The modern online marketing agency thinks along with the customer’s strategy. It has experience, knows the target group and knows how to score in Google. The right online marketing agency ensures results. But what is an online marketing agency? An online marketing agency is an organization that specializes in online marketing. The definition of online marketing is: “The marketing of products or services via the internet.” Online marketing has many branches:

Choosing an online Marketing agency 

Which online tool will help you achieve your goals? Choosing the right online marketing agency plays a crucial role in the online marketing strategy. An online marketing agency that uses the wrong techniques can cost you a lot of money, or ensure that the website just drops instead of rises in the search results. This article contains 10 tips for choosing the best online marketing agency for your company.

1. Are the opportunities present?

“Online marketing, we must also start with that!” A well-known slogan that certainly contains a core of truth. Nevertheless, before starting online marketing, you have to think carefully about whether it is smart to start within the short term. Frequently, promising initiatives on practical feasibility, lack of budget, lack of perseverance, experience or just the right skills. Analyze the situation first before you actively search for an online marketing agency.

2. Determine the target

The first step in choosing an online marketing agency is to determine the objectives and how they are exactly achieved. After all, it is difficult to reach the final destination without a map. The main objectives are: how do you see your company at the end of the campaign and what are your expectations? Growth, continuity or more turnover? And how does your company distinguish itself from the competition?

3. There is more than just online marketing

Do not forget to consider in all euphoria whether this is the right choice. There may also be other, cheaper or more effective methods to achieve the objective. Perhaps online marketing is not at all effective for your target group or online marketing does not fit into the existing marketing strategy at all. There are plenty of reasons not to opt for online marketing. So first make a good analysis that you are working with an online marketing agency. If this analysis shows that online marketing actually remains the best choice, then go for it as well. Remember: online marketing is just a means to achieve a goal.

4. Who is the target group?

An entrepreneur who discovers the internet often sees all sorts of opportunities and starting points and often has difficulty in setting a limit. If they are enthusiastic about online marketing, they would prefer to sell this to everyone as quickly as possible. This makes the actual use of online marketing not immediately effective. Because how exactly are you going to promote your product or service? To who? If you sell coats, do not advertise on a blog about computers. Targeting a target group is therefore crucial. Would you like to focus on a certain part of the market or a particular niche? Then you better choose an agency that has experience with that or an agency that explicitly focuses on that target group. Often an online marketing agency has its own network with websites and blogs where they can promote your website, or they have connections with people who have this. For example, if you have a restaurant, you would like an online marketing agency with experience in your market and a network that connects to this. In many cases, a company simply wants to make more sales. Then you are looking for an online marketing agency with experience in your industry that simply generates more revenue, whether through SEO, SEA or a newsletter.

5. Where is the target group?

It is important that you know where the target group is at what time and in what frequency. on which channels is the target group most receptive to a commercial message? In what form and at what time does the target group prefer to retrieve certain information? To have insight into the target group in an important part of online marketing, if you do not have this, chances are you are using the wrong strategy on the wrong channels.

6. White hat SEO

A lot can go wrong with online marketing, and one of the biggest problems is ‘black hat seo’: climbing in Google in a way that Google disapproves. Does the online marketing agency use ‘white hat techniques’ for search engine optimization (SEO)? White hat techniques are SEO strategies and techniques that are focused on the reader, instead of on the search engines like Google, and are also allowed by the search engines.

7. Social media activity

Social media has erupted into one of the most important means of communication today, especially among young people. Search engines also keep an eye on social media to determine which websites and Social media web content are important. (That is why Google started with Google Plus)

The social media are used so intensively that they are good channels for spreading news. This quickly reaches the target group and the short and powerful messages are easily read. In many messages, a link can be found to more information on a website, so additional visitors are realized. Because messages on social media are easy to share, the new spreads like a running fire and also reaches people you would not otherwise have reached. For example, references in social media can contribute well to more traffic and the online marketing strategy. Search engines use the information from social media when evaluating web pages. The more often content on a web page is retweeted, liked or shared, the more the content is valued by visitors and indirectly also the search engines.

Choosing your Marketing agency

Then the big decision: which online marketing agency do you choose? Have you put all the online marketing agencies together and compared the pros and cons with each other? How is the service? Do you know companies that have already collaborated with the online marketing agency? Checking references is never bad. Is the online marketing agency flexible and can they explain everything to you in a universal language? These are all things that you have to take into account. Therefore, you should be equally well immersed in the world of online marketing before joining an online marketing agency. There is more to it than you would say at first sight.

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Minoek Egberink 10-10-2023

FML Marketing provided pleasant communication, clear agreements and great solutions for my revised business website. An accompanying marketing plan has now also been drawn up and implemented. The leads and conversions have increased measurably and this has entered a new phase of growth for my company!

C F 05-10-2023

Ken and Michelle have saved my business many times over the years.
They are top people who always deliver their work honestly and punctually.
I recommend them to everyone.
If there was a 6th star available they would definitely have gotten it.
Thanks for everything.

Anna Ch. 11-10-2020

Have been working with Ken and Michelle at FML marketing for the best part of a year now - they're a fantastic team. We've launched two new websites, 3 marketing campaigns across all social media platforms and created endless amount of additional marketing collateral like videos and infographics with their help. The communication has been fantastic, and there's hasn't been a single idea that we haven't been able to successfully implement without their help. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a creative, professional service.

Maurice Elst 23-04-2020

Excellent company providing social media and marketing services. High quality design, reliable team, excellent communiction. Well impressed with our new real estate website and social media channels and campaigns.

Irene Pais 11-04-2020

We are very satisfied with FML Marketing. They created 2 websites for us, help with our SEO and do the marketing for our company. Ken and Michelle always think along with us, give good advice and always respond quickly to our questions.We recommend FML Marketing to everyone. Besides that they are super professional, you can also have a laugh with them.