Restaurant marketing Marbella: 16 quick tips to attract more guests

Restaurant marketing is nowadays more complex than it ever was. It is high time to dust off your outdated marketing plan and revise the marketing for your restaurant.

Restaurant marketing Marbella trends

Restaurant marketing is no longer the same as it has been in the past. Restaurants now embrace internet marketing and create an online identity for themselves. This sounds annoyingly difficult, but in the end it is noticeable when this is worked out in steps.

Guests now search online for restaurants. The opinion of others is increasingly important and the restaurant website often plays a larger role. Guests want to look at a menu before they make a choice. Before you start your (new) strategy for your restaurant marketing, search Google for your own restaurant. Where do you stand? What do guests say about you? Are you on the first page? How good is your website compared to others? Think carefully about your renewed marketing strategy. Below I describe a number of tips that are likely to 

Restaurant marketing Marbella – the 16 most important tips

If you rely entirely on traditional marketing, you will soon join in for bacon and beans. I’m not saying you should abolish that. Please do not! Complete your marketing for your restaurant by using the possibilities that the internet has to offer.

Marbella Marketing tip 1 

Stay up-to-date. Make sure you know what is going on in the market in which your restaurant operates. Keep yourself up to date on trends, facts and statistics that can help you improve your restaurant marketing. Keep learning.

Marbella Marketing tip 2 

Have a functional website. Can guests find your restaurant on the internet? Make sure you have an optimized website that does what you want it to do. Make sure they find your website rather than those of your competitors. Write a blog, post your menu of the day, involve social media and restaurant review websites.

Marbella Marketing tip 3 

Making use of local SEO Websites is no longer just for large companies. Nowadays it is more important than ever to have an internet marketing strategy as a small local company. 72% of all searches are focused on local information. Make use of it and be 100% sure that your website comes up during those searches.

Marbella Marketing tip 4

Make use of food bloggers. Ask (local) food bloggers to rate your restaurant for a free meal. An external link to your restaurant helps you in the ranking on Google and a positive review helps your reputation.

Marbella Marketing tip 5

Keep an eye on restaurant review websites. Nowadays you are strongly dependent on your reputation. So pay attention to what people say about your restaurant online. Here guests tell you about their (hopefully positive) experiences with your restaurant. Thank you for a positive comment and respectfully respond to a negative reaction.

Marbella Marketing tip 6

Use an online reservation module. Make sure people can make a reservation on your website right away. Sometimes people do not feel like calling and prefer to book online right away.

Marbella Marketing tip 7

Build an email database. Email marketing is still one of the most effective and fastest ways to reach your guests. You can promote newsletters through social media, on your website and even in your own restaurant. It is up to you to decide what works best.

Restaurant marketing Marbella

Marbella Marketing tip 8

Use social media. With an interactive social media strategy, you can keep guests always involved in what is going on. It is a great way to position your restaurant and interact with your guests.

Marbella Marketing tip 9

Seize all possibilities. The online world is constantly changing. Because of this, it is important to constantly continue to explore new possibilities. Dare to use platforms like Foursquare for example. It may not be as big as Facebook but can nonetheless add a lot to your marketing plan.

Marbella Marketing tip 10

Publish enough information. Let your staff advise guests to follow you on social media, make it worthwhile for your guest to follow your restaurant. It is essential to post enough and interesting information so that it remains interesting to keep following your restaurant. Provide a healthy mix of funny, serious and interesting messages.

Marbella Marketing tip 11

Create ‘win’ actions. This is a great way to get reactions to social media, to increase your followers and eventually to get more guests. Give potential guests the chance to win a pizza, for example, or give them a different reward so they can talk about your restaurant and possibly come back.

Marbella Marketing tip 12

Create a ‘regulars’ program. Give returning guests exclusive deals and send them newsletters in which they feel personally addressed.

Marbella Marketing tip 13

Make sure your menu has a fresh look. Guests quickly draw conclusions based on appearance. A neat, beautifully designed and maintained menu quickly leads to the conclusion that the food is also of good quality.

Marbella Marketing tip 14

Ask and you will receive! Simply ask guests to like you on Facebook, to follow on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Call people with whom you have a good relationship, use your network, friends and acquaintances to promote your company.

Marbella Marketing tip 15

Take control of your online reputation. Websites that review restaurants (Tripadvisor) have a big impact on your reputation and negative reviews can damage your restaurant rapidly. People are inclined to better remember negative experiences and share this. Keep an eye on your online reputation and actively ask guests for a positive review.

Marbella Marketing tip 16

Let yourself be advised by a specialist. FML Marketing Marbella specializes in the restaurant industry. We are happy to help you create your online identity. Would you like more information without obligation? Click here to contact us.

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