10 reasons to use social media for your business

In short, there are 10 reasons for companies to use social media. We have listed them, with a short description, in this article. Get inspired!!

1. Increase brand recognition

by using social media you increase the online presence of your company. By increasing the reach of your brand or product, consumers will recognize your brand or product name sooner and the name remains top-of-mind.

2. Online reputation management

Nowadays, it has become very easy for companies to monitor on the Internet what customers think of your brand. Here are several tools for finding. This part is very important for reputation management. By monitoring social media, you as an entrepreneur can respond quickly to reactions from (potential) customers and follow up on negative feedback. It is also advisable to monitor and learn from colleagues in the industry. Stagnation is decline: in many branches the saying

3. Stagnation is deterioration

The arrival of social media has changed marketing forever. The Internet is subject to constant changes. So it is important for your company to follow it. Social media is now becoming mature. As a result, you can no longer ignore it as an (innovative) company. Not to mention the massive presence of your (potential) target group.

4. Influence of buying behavior

The social media network of consumers has a considerable influence on buying behavior. Consumers who follow brands on social media often buy these products and regularly order them within their own network.

5. Social media business: Expert status

Your company profile/weblog is an excellent opportunity to be labeled as an expert by the consumer. Through a profile you can keep consumers up to date with the latest news regarding your company, but also sector-related news. When relevant news articles are shared on a regular basis, the consumer sees your company as an expert.

6. Generate website traffic

It is good to add a link to your site in posted messages where possible. By posting regular updates with a link on, for example, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you can generate additional traffic on the corporate website via ‘clicks’. Incoming links are also a very important factor in search engine marketing.

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7. Influence on search engine rankings

Many social media websites use no-follow tags. This means that search engines do not follow them. Nevertheless, social media websites often score very high in search engines. Testing shows that websites with a social part in the link profile (i.e. the no-follow links) rank better than websites without no-follow links. This underlines the importance of a so-called ‘natural’ link profile. If people talk about your site (and link through social media), this is a natural process. Search engines attach great value to websites with a natural link profile. More about Search Engine Optimization and Google Ranking.

8. Niche & local marketing

With the arrival of social media, niche marketing has become even easier. Companies can search through social platforms for demographic characteristics and interests. Therefore, social media lends itself perfectly for location-bound services. These ‘Location Based Services’ are particularly suitable for companies that want to inform their customers about the specific possibilities at the location where the customer is at that moment. In the past, we executed a very successful Social Location based advert campaign for perhaps the most thrilling food truck company on the Costa del Sol, iFood Comida en Ruedas.  

9. Recruiting new talent

Recent research by MrWork shows that a majority of companies already use at least 3 different social media for recruitment. More than 80% of the respondents use social media for ’employer branding’ and ‘direct sourcing’. 58% of the respondents, for example, use vacancies on LinkedIn and / or have built up a ‘social talent pool’.

10. Input product development

Through monitoring of social media channels, you also gain insight into the wishes of the customer. This input is extremely useful for innovating your products. Although many social media platforms are free, it takes time and energy to set up a successful plan to formulate the target group, to find out where this target group is located and to analyze the feedback.

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