5 tips to increase the CTR of organic search results

5 tips to increase the CTR of organic search results

Online marketers are constantly talking about it: the click-through rate (CTR). They can fill up entire reports with it. But what does this important term actually mean and what exactly does it mean for your SEO campaign? Even more important: how can you make sure that the CTR of your organic results is higher? In this blog, we like to tell you more.

What is CTR?

In the world of online marketing, it’s a common term: the CTR, also known as click-through rate, clickthrough rate or click through rate. Especially within Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, this percentage is highly valued. This term tells you what the ratio is between the number of people that see your advertisement and how often they click through to your landing page. The higher this percentage, the higher the chance of a conversion.
The click-through rate is just as important for SEO. You want to know whether these high, organic positions within Google actually generate a lot of new visitors. Does only a small part of it click through to your website? This is a signal that the meta description, URL and page title have not been optimised sufficiently. These texts are not sufficiently appealing. High time to adjust that!

5 tips to increase the CTR of organic search results

Getting people to your website. As an entrepreneur, of course, you want nothing better. You know better than anyone that this is the first step towards a conversion. Fortunately, as the owner of a domain, you can influence the click-through rate of a landing page yourself. With the next five tips, you will attract more potential customers to your website.

TIP: Apply these tips to your existing content to increase the CTR of existing organic search results and content.

Tip 1: Create an attractive meta description

The meta description is one of the most important texts within Google’s SERP. It gives you an attractive description of your landing page. You have to sell your website, as it were, to the users of Google. Don’t fill in anything here? Then Google will get a random piece of text from your page. Of course, this flow of words is not written for visitors to click through. It is therefore not surprising that filling in a meta description often results in a higher CTR.
Example Meta Description
The good meta description tempts you to click!

Tip 2: Include the main search word in the URL

Not only Google but also the potential visitors of your website attach great importance to the words that appear in your URL. With these words, they determine whether the page actually answers their question. Many reports underline the importance of the right choice of words. URLs in which a specific search term is used, show 45% growth in their CTR. Non-matching words, which do match the search, also have a significantly higher click-through rate.
Keyword in the URL
The main search term of this page is used in the URL.

Tip 3: Use 15 to 45 characters in the page title

The maximum length of the page title has changed regularly in recent years. However, research shows that these changes have little effect on the efficiency of the text. It follows that when a page title contains between 15 and 45 characters, the click-through ratio is almost 9% higher. Do you use more or fewer characters? Then you reduce your chances of a click.
Characters page title
This page title is – with 26 characters – short but powerful. Service + company name.

Tip 4: Ask a question in the page title

Google users are often looking for answers. How high is the Empire State Building? Where can I find a cheap pizzeria in Estepona? Best golf course in Marbella? It is, therefore, no surprise that asking questions in the page title is a good strategy. This is because you indicate that your landing page will provide the user with the correct answer. Do you use a who-, what-, true-, why-, when- or how-question in your page title? Then the CTR of your landing page is on average 14.1% higher than for variants without a question.
Question in the page title
This page answers the question of a visitor

Tip 5: Emotions in the page title increase CTR

In the world of advertising, you regularly come across them: texts that try to appeal to emotions. With Product X you become a leading professional! Or: Prevent mistakes on the shop floor with Product Y. It’s no surprise that this technique also works well in the world of online marketing. Even today, page titles with a positive or negative charge score significantly more clicks.
Emotion in page title
This blog title responds to emotion

Need help optimizing your organic results?

Getting visitors from Google or other search engines on your website. As an internet entrepreneur, this is a very important goal. To make this wish come true, it is important that you optimize the page title, meta description and URL structure of your landing pages. Do you need help with filling in these elements correctly? The SEO specialists at FML Marketing will be happy to help you! Contact us today.

Thank you for reading – 5 tips to increase the CTR of organic search results


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