Web Hosting and the impact on SEO

Web Hosting and the impact on SEO

Why a good WordPress hosting important

Good WordPress hosting ensures a fast website. And a fast website is important for both your visitors and Google. First of all, visitors drop out if it takes too long to load your website. And Google rewards fast websites. They get higher in the search results. And website hosting is one of the most important factors of a fast website. It is the ground you start building from.

In addition, you can and must do everything yourself to make your website faster. But it all starts with a host that makes it possible to have a fast website. Otherwise, you can optimize all you like, but it will never harvest the desired result.

The other way around is also true. You can have a good WordPress website provider, but if you don’t do anything to optimize your WordPress website it won’t help you. But more about that another time. First, a number of criteria to choose a good WordPress website provider in Spain or any other European country for that matter.

What should you pay attention to when choosing good WordPress hosting?

In recent years I have moved my websites several times to other WordPress hosting in the Netherlands and abroad. This is because I was always dissatisfied with a certain aspect. One time it was slow websites, the other time it was bad support. As a result, I now know what to look out for when choosing good WordPress hosting in the Netherlands. This has led to the following criteria.


Speed is the most important criterion for me. But how do you find out if a WordPress hosting provider is fast?

To start with, you can read reviews. There are all kinds of comparison sites. And if you already have WordPress hosting in mind, you can specifically search for reviews or experiences for this WordPress hosting provider. You will then be able to read quickly enough whether it is a good choice.

Price can also say something about speed. In general, the cheaper a WordPress hosting provider, the more websites on the server, and the slower your website will be. So my advice is to stay away from discounters in the field of WordPress hosting in Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, etc.. Don’t choose the cheapest one, but pay a bit more.

It is also important where the server is located. If your target group is in the Netherlands, choose a server in the Netherlands. However, if you mainly have visitors from America, choose a server in America. This does not necessarily mean that you have to choose a Dutch WordPress hosting provider. There are also foreign WordPress hosting providers with servers in the Netherlands.

Some WordPress hosting providers have extra caching functionality. This can make your website considerably faster. Furthermore, your site will get considerably faster from SSD website hosting. So choose a hosting provider that supports this. For some time now, some hosting providers support HTTP/2. A successor to the HTTP protocol that makes your site considerably faster because files are loaded at the same time instead of one after the other… So choose a hosting provider that supports HTTP/2.

Also good: if the hosting provider has taken measures to ensure that other websites on the server cannot slow down your website.

Attention to security

WordPress sites are regularly attacked by hackers. That is why it is good to choose a website hosting provider that pays attention to the security of your website.

For example, by:

  • offering the possibility to update your WordPress and plugins automatically.
  • quickly close security holes on the server
  • apply technology that prevents a hacked website from infecting other websites on the same server
  • Here too, the following applies: Siteground has and does all of the above.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is nowadays a must (see also my other blog about this). Browsers say your site is not safe if you don’t have one. And search engines like Google give priority to secure websites. This means websites using an SSL certificate. Well, until now that was sometimes complicated to arrange. And SSL certificates cost money. Nevertheless, now you have the open-source project Let’s Encrypt. This allows you to apply for a free SSL certificate. And you don’t need your own unique IP address anymore.


I think good support is very important. I always look at how to get in touch first. Is that only by e-mail? Maybe there is a support forum where you can see how well they answer questions.

Also important: how fast is the response. Is it within 15 minutes or can it take a few days? And what about support in the evenings or on weekends?

An example of how you don’t want it: I recently had to transfer a website for a customer and wanted to create an extra database for that purpose. It already started with the fact that I couldn’t do it myself (silly!). That had to be done by support. Unfortunately, they hadn’t done that. We found out on Friday after 5 pm and then had to wait until Monday morning before we could continue.

I need support at the most impossible hours because I run into something. That’s why I always choose a large WordPress hosting provider with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A large WordPress hosting provider can offer this because they have a support team all over the world. So there is always someone awake and working. I haven’t found a Dutch WordPress hosting provider that can offer this.

A special form of support is the transfer service. Some WordPress hosting providers offer to transfer your website for free if you switch to them. This can save you a lot of time and frustration.

The numbers

The numbers or features are also important. The megabytes and gigabytes:

  • How much web space do you get to set up your website? I like to have at least one gigabyte. In my case, this space is not only for my website but also for my e-mail. I use the so-called IMAP protocol. This means that all e-mail stays on the server. And when you receive an e-mail with a large attachment, you are suddenly at your limit.
  • How many e-mail addresses can you have? Useful if you want to link multiple e-mail addresses to your domain. For example, for freelancers or employees who help you. Or to separate support from regular mail.
  • How many databases can you use? Additional databases are useful for test sites, for example.
  • How much traffic is your website allowed to have? You may not be so quick to reach this limit, but it’s good to know.
  • How many websites can you put on one package? If you only have one website, that’s not important, but if you have more, you might be able to save money. And who knows what the future holds.

Extra functionality

Also look at extra functionality such as:

  • Does the website hosting provider have a WordPress installer? This will allow you to install WordPress with just a few clicks.
  • Are automatic backups made? How often? How far back in time can I go? Can I access it myself or do I need support for this?
  • Can I access the log files myself (raw access logs)? These are files in which you can see exactly what is happening on your website. Very useful if your website is slow or has been hacked.
  • Can I set “Cron jobs” myself? Cron jobs are tasks that are performed automatically at a fixed interval. A normal user will not need them. But I am not a normal user …
  • Can I test my website with “staging”? With staging, you can make a copy of your website with one click of a button. With this copy you can, for example, test new plugins or make other changes. If you are satisfied with the result, you

Price – Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers: A NO GO!

I advise you not to go for the cheapest for a business website. Cheap WordPress hosting providers:

  • put a lot of websites on one server, which results in a slow website.
  • are often difficult to reach for support questions
  • often respond slowly to support questions

For a private website that’s not so bad. But for a business website, you don’t want all that. In any case, I would like to pay a few extra tens for quality and SERVICE!

Therefore, I can not stress enough to search for a very good price/quality ratio.

A fast website

At FML Marketing, we pay a lot of attention to the speed of your site, such as:

  • Fast NGINX servers in Amsterdam, London and two other continents which is important if you mainly have visitors from Europe, and the rest of the world.
  • All shared website hosting servers have SSD disks, which makes your website considerably faster (nowadays many providers have this, but Siteground already offered this in 2015, indicating that they are at the forefront with new technologies).
  • HTTP/2 on all shared and cloud servers, which means that the different files of your website are loaded at the same time instead of one after the other, which also results in a faster website (they have had this since 2015 when it wasn’t standard yet).
  • A self-developed SG Optimizer plug-in to accelerate WordPress websites. With its caching capabilities and front-end and image optimization features, it optimizes the performance of WordPress sites so much that, according to Siteground, you can see speed benefits between 20% and 500%.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN integration allowing some files to be loaded from the fast Cloudflare servers and making your site faster.
  • The latest PHP version for even faster websites.

FML Marketing – Hosting Experts Marbella

Thank you for reading our blog Web Hosting and the impact on SEO. At FML Marketing, we are VERY focussed on search engine optimization. Even more so when we design a website. Are you starting a new business? Do you want to improve your website’s ranking? Or perhaps you have a question about web hosting and SEO? Don’t hesitate to contact FML Marketing! Use the form below to get in touch, and remember…we are happy to help you with any challenge you might have.


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