Website Design: why an SSL certificate gives confidence

With the arrival of the new AVG Act, the security of confidential information remains a hot topic. It is therefore essential that every company has the security of personal data properly arranged. Do you wonder how? An SSL certificate is a good start (and even necessary).

Website Design: What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL connection is an encrypted connection between the visitor of your website and the server. You can easily identify an SSL connection with the URL in the address bar of your browser (, the lock before or after the URL or a green bar.

Why an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate gives a visitor the confidence that their personal data is handled securely and that malicious parties can not intercept the data if they are entered on the website.

Moreover, you comply with the new legislation in this way, because you ensure that the traffic to and from your website proceeds securely. The certificate provides for the encryption of the connection and for checking the identity of your website. This prevents others from being able to read, but you also prevent information that is sent to your website or sent from the website can be modified.

Different forms of SSL certificates:

  • Extended Validation (EV): this is the highest level of validation and gives the visitor 100% guarantee that the visited website is optimally secured;
  • Organization Validation (OV): just as with EV, your company is controlled by the Chamber of Commerce, but if you do not use any financial or personal data on your website, you better opt for OV;
  • Domain validation (DV): limited level of protection, intended for websites with few visitors or an intranet;
  • Multi-domain: if you have multiple websites this is the best solution and cost-saving. There are also multi-domain certificates with EV, so extra safe;
  • Wildcard: if you have multiple subdomains on one server that you want to secure, this is a cheap and easy solution.

VIDEO – How to apply an SSL certificate to your website

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