Yoast SEO installation 

The Yoast SEO-suite is the best practice SEO-tool for WordPress websites.  

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Yoast SEO installation

Start with on-page SEO  

On-page SEO optimization is extremely important and powerful in combination with a technical website audit. With the help of the Yoast-plugin,
the road to highly indexed pages is paved!

Your website is just like your business. Without the right tools and assets you are simply getting nowhere.

We always recommend to work with best-practice tools. Yoast SEO-suite is, without a doubt, one of these indispensable tools. The Yoast SEO-plugin will enable you to rank each page on your website in the search results of Google. Of course, it is important to set up the tool accordingly to get the optimal results.

FML Marketing has over 5 years experience working with this tool. We are experts in ranking your website high in the search engines!

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