SEO Business Case

The business case for SEO in 2019 is undeniable. Good SEO practices will help you outshine your competitors, attract customers and increase revenue. With the help of this this article, you understand the benefits of SEO to enable you to build the business case for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Marketing Business Case

Search Engine Optimization and Web Design

Google alone processes some 5.5 billion searches per day, or 63,000 searches per second. SEO is therefore an excellent way to ensure that more potential customers see your brand. Moreover, many people see a company that is high in the search results as a good and reliable company.

SEO starts with contracting a good, reliable and fast hosting provider. The second important step is to contract a web design agency with a focus on SEO. We always advice our clients to work with high speed WordPress themes. We always include premium SEO Tools, image optimisation and CloudFlare CDN for our clients.

Holistic SEO Strategy or Link Building?

Many people are unaware that SEO is not just one practice. In fact, the holistic SEO approach consists of the following parts:

  • Good technical SEO (Website Speed!)
  • Great user experience;
  • Quality website content;
  • Maintaining your site secure
Website audit
Web Design Business Case

Link building is in reality outreaching activity. That means that you have to contact people and ask them to write about and link to your website. Usually, you will get better results if you contact people personally. We provide a premium outreach service for our SEO clients. As a respected marketing agency on the Costa del Sol, we stay far away from black-hat SEO strategies, link farms, and other bad practices that could seriously harm your website, and therefore your precious business!

SEO Benefits for a Small Business

In 54% of cases, people discover new websites by using a search engine. The chance is also twice as high that these visitors stay on the website longer than visitors acquired through other channels. A SEO campaign often starts with a Website Audit or a Keyword Research.

SEO is all about relevant traffic

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, search engine optimization has a very favourable return on investment (ROI). Research shows that for the majority of companies, SEO the second best online marketing channel is. Only E-mail marketing is considered more effective, yet to do so you first have to collect e-mail addresses of potential customers. With a good SEO strategy you can collect these addresses.

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