#hashtags on Instagram: the dos & don’ts for 2018

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If you are active on Instagram, you will know them: the #hashtags. Sometimes rows thick among each other, sometimes totally unrelated to the photo itself. Read below what will change in 2018 in the use of hashtags on Instagram.

Quantity and number of hashtags

Many people place as many hashtags under their a photo, with a maximum of 30 pieces. From now on Instagram will pay attention to the use of the same and the number of hashtags. If you always use the same 30 hashtags with each photo, it can now be that Instagram gives you the label ‘spammy’. Ultimately this can lead to a shadow ban!

A shadow ban is often used with spam accounts/bots, because it often has nothing to do with the site or the subject. The result is that the content is no longer visible to others. In the case of Instagram, this means that your own placed photo in your feed is shown normally. However, when other people search for corresponding hashtags, your photo is not shown.

How do you prevent this?

Below I give 3 tips on how to best use hashtags

1. Location of hashtags

Many people put their hashtags in the first comment of their post. It is recommended to always place the hashtags in the body of the post (the direct text below your photo).

2. The number of hashtags

It is recommended to use between 5 and 10 hashtags by mail. This way you prevent the ‘spam label’.

3. Which hashtags

Do not always use the same hashtags. Vary with hashtags by mail, this way you remain unique and Instagram does not give you the ‘spam label’. Win-win!

How to find more relevant #hashtags on Instagram

Besides scouting Instagram users manually to find the right hashtags, there are two more effective ways to get new and relevant hashtags. The first one is using the search bar in the top of your screen. If you choose the ‘tags’ tab, you will be able to search the popular tags.

The second option is a handy tool called Display Purposes. This simple, yet effective tool will search for more relevant hashtags, based on a hashtag (s) that you enter in the search box. Easy, fast and super effective!

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