Content: The first step to a successful website

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How do I get more visitors? How can I sell more through my webshop? How do I score on the first page on Google? We often get these questions from our customers. As you may already know, there is no clear answer. The success of your website depends on many factors. Nevertheless, we often advise you to start creating content. This form of online marketing is the first step towards online success!

Content: The first step to a successful website

What is content creation?

A definition of content creation is: ‘the creation and sharing of relevant, valuable and entertaining information through your own channels with the aim of attracting potential customers to your organization’. Content creation can take different forms. Think of blogs, social media messages, newsletters, videos, case studies, animations, infographics, etc. Important for any form is:

  • Relevance: is the content interesting for the visitor?
  • Value: is the content useful for the visitor?
  • Entertainment: does the content provide enough entertainment?

These 3 characteristics show that the customer is central and not your product or service. Content creation is about customer loyalty: strengthening the relationship with the customer. All content that you post must be developed with this aim in mind. Writing a text just as quickly does not fall under content creation.

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What isn’t content creation?

According to the POEM model, there are 3 types of media that you can use for your organization:

Paid media: all media expressions that the organization pays for, including advertisements in Google, social media advertisements and display advertising.
Owned media: all forms of content that the organization itself manages, including the website, e-mail newsletters, social media channels and leaflets.
Earned media: All media expressions about the organization that is developed by customers free of charge, including reviews, blog posts, social media messages, and word-of-mouth advertising.

In recent years there has been a shift from paid media to so-called owned media. And that is not so strange. Characteristic for the owned media is the relatively low costs and control over their own publications. Content creation is, therefore, part of owned media. Paid media and earned media are more promotional in nature. These are used to promote the organization’s products/services. Content creation is all about the needs of the visitor. Do you have to forget about the other two types of media? No, a combination of these three will provide the most results.

What about curated content?

Curated content involves the sharing of information from others, such as blog posts, but retweets are also part of curated content. Is curated content a form of content creation? Yes and no. Curated content may seem a good way to quickly create a lot of content. But sharing content from others is not creating content. So be very careful with this, since you are not the owner of the information. Do not place whole articles from another website on your own website to avoid duplicate content. And always determine whether the content offers enough added value for your visitors. Curated Content is often suitable for social media or your newsletter, but always add something of your own.

How does content creation work for your organization?

Many entrepreneurs hope that by creating content they will immediately get more visitors and sales, but that’s not how it works. Content creation provides a greater reach/more visitors, is interesting for linkbait and strengthens the relationship with (potential) customers.

Starting content creation

In addition to our own blog, we often develop a content strategy for our clients. These are our best tips for getting the most out of your content:

  1. Be innovative. This is perhaps one of the most important tips! Before you start writing, find out what the competition is saying. You want to create content that is just that little bit better, more complete or the most inspiring. Visitors aren’t interested in reading the same thing on 20 different websites, so differentiate yourself.
  2. Do keyword research. Optimizing content for a keyword for which there is no search volume is a missed opportunity. We have also made this mistake on occasion. Before you start writing a blog post, we therefore really recommend that you perform a keyword search.
  3. Pay attention to old content. Many articles you wrote 2 or 3 years ago can use an update. Therefore, divide your time between writing new articles and optimizing old content. Perhaps an update will allow you to score your old content much better later in the search engine and among your visitors.
  4. Analyze which type of content works best. Every industry is different. (Potential) customers have different needs and problems and it’s up to you to solve them. There is no golden content formula that tells you what type of content works best. Analyze which content is read the most and which conversions do/do not work.
  5. Do not try to convert at all times. As we said before, content creation is not about promotion. So be selective with your conversions. Don’t place more than one conversion per page and only place a conversion if it’s also relevant!


Tips for original content

Finally, we also want to talk about the content of your content. This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs. Thinking up good blog topics is not as easy as it looks. As content creators, we always look into the customer, and try to think about what problems/questions we could solve. Do you have no inspiration? Use our 3 tips for unique content:

Dare to compare!

Many organizations are hesitant when it comes to product comparisons, but this is a missed opportunity. How nice would it be if you could also be found on the product names of your competitors from now on? Compare your own product with similar products from your competitors. Be objective and also mention the positive characteristics of the other products. This is a great opportunity to show what is so good about your own product.

Dare to reveal secrets

Many entrepreneurs are afraid of losing their added value if they reveal their secrets. We would like to refute this idea. By giving secret tips, you can bind customers to your organization and show that you are the specialist. An example! There are only a few restaurants that create content yet. Why not? By sharing recipes (of dishes that are also on the menu), you can get more awareness and thus more guests. Are you afraid that guests just stay away? Share recipes that will soon disappear from the menu. Accountants and photographers can also benefit from sharing their expertise. For example, by sharing tips for the tax return or photo editing tips.

Get the help of your customers

This can be done in different ways, but the principle remains the same. “Ordinary” people are seen as more reliable than organizations. For content creation, it offers advantages if your customers help to create the content. The simplest way is to post an interview. Make sure that the questions are interesting for your target group. Of course, you can also go a step further and show how customers use your product. For example, an interior design store can show how different customers have placed a popular cupboard in their home or have the customer record a video of how he put together the piece of furniture. This kind of content is also shared more quickly by the customer, which in turn leads to more familiarity/visitors!

Is content creation the way to reach your customers?

Content creation offers advantages for search engine optimization, customer loyalty, and awareness. We think it is the ideal way to reach your (potential) customer in an honest and informal way. In addition, we think that this form of online marketing is suitable for every organization. Are you not sure how content can reach your customer or do you want to know more about the latest content creation trends? You can always contact us!

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Thank you for reading our blog: Content: The first step to a successful website. Get in touch with us for more information about content marketing.


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