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What makes a web design and development agency good? What should you look for when choosing a web design agency? An excellent question. The question is difficult to answer because we actually ask ‘how do we know about web design agency X is better than web design agency Y.

The purpose of a website is selling, convincing and informing. So we have to look for an agency that focuses on making the company more successful instead of creating a nice website.

Average costs for having a professional website made

How is the price for a new website established? The price of a website is generally determined by the hourly rate of the designer (and the other employees involved in the design) x the complexity of your desired website. The hourly rate of the designer is determined by his experience, knowledge and the overhead costs of the agency. A freelancer costs + -35 euros (beginner) 175 euros (very experienced) per hour A small web design agency costs 50 to 125 euros per hour And large development agencies can ask 75 to 250 euros per hour. With web design and development, in general, applies; the more costs, the more you get. Experience, knowledge, and creativity simply cost. Fortunately, the investment in a well-designed website is a long-term investment  (Return on investment/ROI).

The situation of what a website exactly costs is more complex

There are self-employed people who offer a website for 800 euros on a custom website (but technically they are never quite well). Two web design agencies that resemble at first sight, can come up with two totally different quotes for the same job. Due to the process used, the number of employees, the support, the expertise, creativity and the experience of the employees, the price can differ by a few thousand euros. And unfortunately, it is not easy for the untrained eye to see which web designer and web builder delivers quality and which does not. What a website looks like does not immediately say something about the quality of the website.

How much does web design and development cost?

Let’s start with a simplified answer.

1. With many (starting) independent web designers, you can get a nice simple website for around €800 that is reasonably structured (in terms of user-friendliness and design).

2. At web design agencies you can have a good website built for 1,500 and 5,000 euros. You pay for the extra experience, a team with specialists who will work on your website and that everything works just as well in 5 years from now. A professional, well-connected website.

3. Large complex websites, such as government websites, large web shops, well-known brands or companies with a lot of content, can even expect prices between €8,000 and €100,000 

4. If you have a limited budget as a starting self-employed person and / or a lot of time, you can of course choose to create your own website (manual), blog (manual) or webshop and buy a professional WordPress template. at Themeforest. You spend approximately €50 euros (and a fair amount of time).

Are there any costs per year or month?

Yes. With each option comes the costs of web hosting and the costs of a domain. A good professional WordPress hosting package costs around 10 euros per month. A domain name costs about 5-20 euros per year.

What makes a web design agency good?

What should you look for when choosing a web design agency? An excellent question. However, This question is difficult to answer. ‘How do we know that web design agency X is better than web design agency Y? The purpose of a website is selling, convincing and informing. So we have to look for an agency that focuses on making the company more successful (online) instead of creating a nice website.

Help to distinguish the good from not so good

  • Read the text on the website. What is it about? Do they mention something about goals, sales, and conversion?
  • How does their website work? Was it immediately clear what they are doing and what makes them unique? View the portfolio. Are these websites also easy to use? Is it obvious on every website in the portfolio what they do and what the visitor has to do? No? Then it is possible that they have only used their ‘skills’ with their own website.
  • Are they moderately readable standard (bullshit) texts? Then chances are that they do not pay attention to marketing, usability, and conversion. Or do not value this.
  • You can request a quote or information from the agencies where you have doubts and look at the professionalism of their offers.
  • Do they ask before they send a quote to you about your goals? What do you want to achieve with your website? Then there is a reasonable chance that they have an understanding of things.
  • Do they have a personal ‘about us’ page? Do they show their employees? Often the more personal and open they are, the more proud they are of their work (and that usually means that they also do a good job).
  • Do they use a hard-to-read font? Then it may be that they do not focus enough on usability.

Web Design and Development: Price buying not recommendable

Do you want something that looks okay and costs a few hundred euros or do you want a user-friendly website with a wow factor that sells?

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Minoek Egberink 10-10-2023

FML Marketing provided pleasant communication, clear agreements and great solutions for my revised business website. An accompanying marketing plan has now also been drawn up and implemented. The leads and conversions have increased measurably and this has entered a new phase of growth for my company!

C F 05-10-2023

Ken and Michelle have saved my business many times over the years.
They are top people who always deliver their work honestly and punctually.
I recommend them to everyone.
If there was a 6th star available they would definitely have gotten it.
Thanks for everything.

Anna Ch. 11-10-2020

Have been working with Ken and Michelle at FML marketing for the best part of a year now - they're a fantastic team. We've launched two new websites, 3 marketing campaigns across all social media platforms and created endless amount of additional marketing collateral like videos and infographics with their help. The communication has been fantastic, and there's hasn't been a single idea that we haven't been able to successfully implement without their help. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a creative, professional service.

Maurice Elst 23-04-2020

Excellent company providing social media and marketing services. High quality design, reliable team, excellent communiction. Well impressed with our new real estate website and social media channels and campaigns.

Irene Pais 11-04-2020

We are very satisfied with FML Marketing. They created 2 websites for us, help with our SEO and do the marketing for our company. Ken and Michelle always think along with us, give good advice and always respond quickly to our questions.We recommend FML Marketing to everyone. Besides that they are super professional, you can also have a laugh with them.