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Although video marketing appears every year in lists of marketing trends, the use of video is no longer a ‘trend’. We would describe it more as a must. Are you curious about the possibilities for your company in the field of a video? Then read on quickly.

The benefits of video

The use of video has many positive effects. It is no coincidence that companies are increasingly opting to use video in their content strategy. These are the main advantages:

  • You transfer more information in a shorter time because the brain processes images much faster than text. The information is also better remembered.
  • When people watch a video, they stay on your website for longer. Thanks to the higher reading time, you will not only stay in the spotlight for longer, but your position in Google will also be strengthened.
  • Whatever your marketing goal is: the effect will certainly increase with the aid of video! For example, you get more clicks in your newsletter, you sell more products on a sales page and you create more interaction on social media.

Different types of videos

Already convinced of the power of video? Beautiful! Then it is now time to compare the different forms. Not every type of video will fit your business (goals).

The oldest form of corporate videos is obviously commercials on television. And this form of advertising is also extremely popular. However, advertising in the form of video nowadays has many more possibilities. So you can also choose to show a short advertisement for specific YouTube videos. That way you can show the advertisement to a targeted audience, no matter what branch you work in. The result? More impact! It is important that the video is catchy and conveys a clear message within a very short time.

Product videos
Before you make an important purchase, it’s nice to know how the product works. In that case, images tell you more than words. Using a product video, you as a company can transfer important information in a playful and striking way. A product video can be inserted in different ways, namely:

Introduction: the characteristics of a new product
How to: extra explanation and instruction on the use of a product
Review: A comprehensive test of the product (sometimes compared to a similar product)

When video is used as an educational form (with various speakers), we also call this a webinar. This is an effective way of conveying information because it has been proven that people can remember the message better thanks to a video. Interesting for (high) schools, but also for other organizations that want to transfer their expertise.

Do you want to inform your customers about your work or about a new approach? Then you can organize a webinar, for example with experts from the profession and professionals within your organization. A webinar is also an attractive internal communication tool for large companies. In this way, all employees are aware of important announcements, wherever they are. People can watch live, but in many cases, a webinar can also be watched.

Explanation videos in the form of animation
You want to transfer important information in the right way so that everyone understands you and memorizes the information. When it comes to complicated information, it is, therefore, wise to explain in the form of an animation. Airlines and hospitals, for example, opt for this form of explanation videos to ensure that the information is clear and understandable.

Social virals
It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stand out on social media. But when a message from a company generates genuine interaction, you can still count on a wide range. And let us now just have discovered that videos provide a higher interaction.

Are you succeeding on social media to generate a huge amount of interaction with a striking video? Then you are dealing with a viral. This is a video that quickly becomes extremely popular because people like to share the video with their friends. Incidentally, this is not the case with commercial videos. You have to respond smartly to the interests of your target group to score high here.

Business vlogs
Vlogging is no longer to be forgotten in the world of video in 2018. With a vlog, you can communicate with your target group in a personal way. In the first instance, vlogging was mainly reserved for ‘influencers’ who had already built up a large network of followers online. In their videos, they tell what interests them and occasionally share some sponsored content. Because when known vloggers recommend a product, this has a lot of influence on their followers.

Do you not have a big budget? Then vlogging still offers possibilities. Nowadays we also see companies that employ their own employees. There is even the possibility to hire a business vlogger. The impact of a relatively unknown person obviously differs from that of a known influencer. One of the people that significantly increased his reach with video blogging is American entrepreneur Grant Cardone.

Almost every social media channel is now equipped with the ‘live stream’ option. The name says it all: a live stream is a video that is played in real time. In principle, this is much like a webinar, but a live stream is to a lesser extent intended to convey knowledge and information. The atmosphere is more informal and personal. This is the perfect way to give a look behind the scenes or to let an employee speak for example. Keep in mind that you do not get a second chance to do it again.

Business story
Nowadays it is no longer just about ‘what’ an organization sells, but also about ‘why’ you sell this. People simply want to know what kind of company they have to deal with. By displaying your company story, your target group gets to know the personality behind the company. With your own vision, you can inspire them and build a deeper connection with them.

Besides the fact that people want to know who you are, they also want to know how others think about you. You can, therefore, choose to let satisfied customers speak in a testimonial. By showing the experiences of others in a transparent way, you come across as reliable and honest.

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