How to write SEO copy like a real pro! (FREE E-BOOK)

How to SEO copywrite like a pro

How to write a SEO-friendly article? How to write copy that ranks high in Google? Just two questions our customers often ask. As an online marketing agency, we have many clients that understand the benefits of a firm, organic SEO ranking. But how do you achieve a strong positions on page 1in Google?

Writing good articles, blogs and creating high-vlaue content is one of the best ways to actually achieve this. But that must be hard, right? WRONG!

Writing a good SEO text is not that difficult at all

Especially when you have already done it a hundred times. Have you just started in the world of SEO? Did you just start a new business and writing content is fairly new to you? No worries. We offer a complete, comprehensive step-by-step E-book. And the best part…this book is COMPLETELY FREE!

What are you going to learn?

I assure you that after reading this E-Book, within the hour you can write a perfect SEO text for your blog, product page, category page or services page. The reading time for this E-Book is approx. 20 minutes. Of course you can also use this as a reference work too.  The 4 steps in this E-book are as concrete as possible.

In the example,  we are going to write a text for a category page for an online store (E-commerce website). In it we will focus on the keyword dresses. Although this step-by-step plan focuses on dresses, you can also use the tips from this blog for a service page or product page, for example.

SEO Copywriting like a pro: 4 simple steps

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