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Regular maintenance of your website is important. A website is actually never completely finished because the online world keeps evolving. And you don’t want to be left behind with these developments! That’s why FML Marketing supports local businesses such as yours to make sure your website completely up-to-date. From updates, improvements or implementation of the latest web design and SEO trends. 

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What we can do for your website

A maintenance contract for your website is available from as little as €50, excluding VAT/IVA/BTW per month.

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Cost effective maintenance for your web

Website maintenance of a professional site often costs a lot of money and a lot of time. In addition, technical maintenance of a site is more than just knowing something about HTML. Knowledge about web servers, DNS servers and the maintenance/optimization thereof, browser and server caching, securing against hackers, database maintenance and more is required.

For this you as a private person, owner of a small, medium or large company, don’t have the time and usually also don’t feel like it. At FML Marketing we want to give your site the attention it deserves and perform the technical website maintenance for you.

A maintenance contract for your website?

Some clients need maintenance on their website every month.
For these clients we can set up a maintenance contract. After consultation, we determine the number of hours
needed each month and this time is reserved by us. The customer will receive a discounted price for the reserved hours.

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For one website this is every month, for another it is less often. Don’t have the time or experience to do this?
Then you can choose to have your website maintained by FML Marketing

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