Instagram to hunt down fake followers and likes

Instagram followers

Have you bought followers to kickstart your Instagram account? Then watch out because the Instagram watch dogs are coming after you!

Instagram has decided to ‘punish’ accounts that have bought followers, and likes, harder. In order to do so,The social media company has already developed tools for this purpose. These tools enable Instagram to recognize accounts that make use of this. One of the measures is, among other things, that accounts that are cheating will be asked to change their password. This immediately prevents third-party tools and companies that inadvertently have access to an Instagram account, can access the acounts.

Instagram influencers are a hot topic

Why? Well, actually everyone with an Instagram account is an influencer. Because even with few followers you are – if you notice a little – a nano-influencer. Especially if your Instagram account is thematic.

Instagram growth is a hot topic

Having a strong Instagram account, with many followers, is currently a massive challenge. Only those who have real media coverage will have a chance to reach a tremendous amount of followers. For large, or small accounts, the magic lies in having a lot of interaction. This is the sweet spot of where things are wrong.

Recognize fake Instagram followers

Needless to say, most accounts with an unickely lage amount of followers and likes are fake. You can recognize them, they are the private accounts, they have hardly any followers, sometimes have only posted five messages and the last one was in October 2017. Yet, they like your post and brands are overjoyed about it.

Shoot oneself in the foot

The market is in fact fooling itself. Because brands want to fully use and profit of all that authority on Instagram. But the people responsible for Instagram do not stick their heads in the sand. They are fully aware of the fact that if they want to boost their business model, they have to better monitor the quality of the platform. Whether that will work depends on the cleverness of the algorithm and the robots that have to carry out the cleaning. On the other side, the hackers and Insta-entrepreneurs who earn filthy stacks of cash by selling followers and likes, will not surrender without putting up a fight…

To be continued!



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