A complimentary peppermint or candy, why is this actually done?

In restaurants, it is more often the rule than the exception; a complimentary peppermint or candy when the bill arrives. Also in most perfumeries, a free tester ‘especially for you’ is put in the bag with a smile. It is of course fun, all those free things, but why is this actually done?  

Giving back

There are several psychological principles that influence us when they receive small gifts. One of these principles is reciprocity. It is deep in our roots to want to do something back when we get something from someone. Something small like getting a compliment, or receiving a tester in the perfumery, can put this principle into effect. The reciprocity can express itself in the next time you come back to the same store because you have previously received such a nice extra. But it can also lead to more tips.

The complimentary peppermint why is this done?

Research shows that more tips are given if a chocolate or peppermint is offered to the bill, namely 17.1% of the bill, in contrast to 15.3% if no ‘gift’ is given. It has also been shown that several chocolates provide more tips. Furthermore, it helps to let customers choose their own delicacy or extra. They are generally more satisfied and happier as they leave the restaurant. An additional advantage is of course that the chances are that the customer will come back to actually buy the full product if the free tester likes it!

complimentary peppermint why is this done?

The last impression is the strongest

Another principle is the ‘recency effect’. This means that you are most influenced by something you have seen or heard last. It is therefore important to ensure that a positive last impression is left and that the customer walks out of the store or restaurant with a big smile. And what works better than an unexpected present? In addition, it has been proven that when paying, the same parts of the brain become active as when experiencing pain. Paying really hurts, and not just in the wallet! By giving a small something to your customer after paying, you ensure that you take away the pain of paying. You give the customer a last good impression what the customer will remind you of. So save sweets, make sure your testers are in stock and make sure your customer leaves your business with a nice feeling.

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