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The demand for video content in modern day marketing is increasing. Especially for social media purposes. It is proven over and over that people are more attracted to video than any other form of media. We are fully aware of this. Therefore, we have incorporated our Video Departement. We deliver our clients on the Costa del Sol corporate video’s, social video’s and more! 

The fact that structural video content is the future of marketing is evident from the figures. More than 500 hours of video content is uploaded per minute on YouTube. At the end of 2018, 74% of all web traffic will consist of online video and through the use of online video on landing pages the conversion will increase to 46%.

From video to conversion

From strategy to production, and optimization, discover how video can help you to generate more range and conversion.

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Video Marketing & SEO

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Maybe you already knew this search term. Since the rise of YouTube, Video SEO has become an increasingly essential marketing tool.

What is video SEO?
You can buy search results-ranking, in order to be visible as an advertisement on YouTube. But there are also ways to optimize your video so that it has good visibility on Google and YouTube on your relevant search terms.

Search Engine Optimization

For example, you sell private lease car contracts and want to be found on the term “what is private release?”. By optimizing the video on the search term “what is private release”, the video will immediately appear in the Google search results and on YouTube.

This way you can let the potential customer watch your video and then work towards a call to action. Such as visiting your website for more information about the possibilities.

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